We have been partnering with Western Dental Arts, Inc. for over 5 years, helping us provide exceptional high quality dental restorations to our many satisfied patients. I am very satisfied with the overall look and fit of the crowns. They do the job perfectly the first time and they provide excellent on time delivery. Although the lab is based in Montana, the shipping method they use makes it seamless and easy to use. Please contact our office at (916) 962-0551 and we would be happy to answer any question you might have.

  Gary Newhouse, DMD

In dental school, I heard time and time again the horror stories of dentists having to make so many adjustments and remakes on crowns and bridges they received from their lab. I heard it enough that I just expected to have to deal with it when I got out of dental school. With Western Dental Arts, Inc. I have found this not to be true. On crown and bridge work, I have to make little to no adjustments with almost zero need for remakes. Marginal fit and occlusal/proximal contacts are fantastic. The patients seem to be really happy with the color match and the short amount of time it takes to seat the crowns all because of a superb fit. I have been very pleased with Western Dental Arts, Inc. and glad to have been able to avoid the frustrations that many dentists experience with other labs.

Benjamin R. Holloway, DMD

After practicing for 24 years and working with numerous dental laboratories, I can honestly say that working with Western Dental Arts, Inc. has been one of the more positive business relationships that I have experienced to date. Curtis and his team have always been professional and their attention to quality and customer service has been outstanding. I would most enthusiastically endorse and recommend Western Dental Arts, Inc.

James E. Turley, D.D.S.

We have been working with Curtis at Western Dental Arts, Inc. for several years. We find that his margins fit perfectly and his crowns require little or no adjustment (i.e. perfect contacts and occlusion).

Kevin M. Brewer, DDS

Curtis at Western Dental Arts, Inc. is willing to come and give one on one follow-up for his cases, showing us his commitment to detail and integrity for his work.

E. Wade Wilde, DMD

Attention to detail, high quality, and outstanding customer service are all key elements I look for in a lab. Western Dental Arts, Inc. excels at each of these. I have been very pleased with the service and products I’ve received from Western.

Christopher Hirt, DMD

Curtis’ crown and bridge work at Western Dental Arts, Inc. always fit perfectly, eliminating time needed for chair side adjustments and allowing for quick and easy seats. Curtis has a very good eye for fine points and will call or bring by a case to discuss suggestions that he has or to verify important details that are essential to quality workmanship for the doctor and the patient.

Dr. Spencer D. Luke, DMD

Western Dental Arts, Inc.
Western Dental Arts, Inc. aims to produce the finest quality work that exceeds the expectations of the dentist. In many cases, it’s best to hear about the quality of our service from other dentists and to see the quality of our work through before and after photos. That’s what you’ll find in this section of the site.

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