Western Dental Arts, Inc.
Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our laboratory results from certain fundamental principles that guide the lives of the founders and leaders of Western Dental Arts, Inc. It is a philosophy that says:
"We want to provide our customers the highest quality restoration, with exceptional service at an affordable price."
The Business philosophy of Western Dental Arts, Inc. is based upon the following three priorities:
  • Our first priority is people. The needs of our customers, future customers, our laboratory employees and their families, and our vendors and business partners come first in every management decision.

  • Our second priority is the quality of our product. The restorations that we produce and sell must be of a quality that meets the needs and fulfills the expectations of our customers. It must have real value. It represents our work, our philosophy, and our honor.

  • Our third priority is profitability. The application of sound and efficient business practice enables us to provide a quality product at a fair price. It guarantees a fair profit to our investors and ensures growth and prosperity for our company and our employees.
We are committed to providing an approach with our clients that has, as its cornerstone, superior customer service, exceptional quality products and on time delivery at a reasonable price. Our goal is to partner with our doctors to recreate the beauty of a natural smile that ultimately the doctor’s patients will enjoy for a lifetime. We feel privileged to be a part of the working team involved in all stages of this process. All of these things provide a stabilized and enjoyable environment for the company and all of its employees.